Microsoft Excel: Advanced Tools

Links, Comments and Notes, Hiding and Unhiding Rows/Columns/Sheets, Macros

Perhaps a better session title would be "The Junk Drawer of Excel". Not that these tools are junk! They are very helpful tools but I have never managed to fit them into a defined collection. Like those tools in a junk drawer at home, these Excel tools must be handy when you need them! We'll talk about comments, notes, hyperlinks (for purposes other than websites and email addresses), hiding/unhiding (for purposes other than rows and columns), and…drum roll please…macros!

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  Excel - Advanced Tools
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Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson founded Organization Solutions in 2001, with a simple mission to help others become more organized. It has since evolved into a successful consulting practice helping businesses and organizations implement more efficient workflow processes and business solutions. The launching of this new site “A Better Way To…” is designed to allow you to benefit from Janet’s solutions and training in a virtual setting.

With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Taylor University and second major in Psychology, she combines her education, experience, profound knowledge of Microsoft Office© and natural gift for organizing to bring increased efficiency to individuals and organizations. Her clients include government agencies, small business, non-profit organizations and manufacturing operations.

Janet’s professional and community associations include the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), NAPO Golden Circle Distinction, BBB Accreditation and Women in Business Networking.

Whether working with individuals to help them manage their day or with organizations to find process improvements, there is a common thread you will find in whatever Janet does, and that’s helping you find a better way.

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